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Photo of Cindy D Illustrations

Hi! This is me! The artist behind the art.

I am a freelance artist and Illustrator, born and brought up in South Africa, now living in the beautiful countryside of Cambridge UK.​

I enjoy working with many mediums, but watercolour has to be my favourite. I fell in love with its luminosity, and it is the main body of my work. 

I love combining my illustrations with uplifting words, to encourage, motivate and brighten someone's day.

I have decided to use both my love for illustration and for poetry and words to uplift and encourage women in the world around me.

What people are saying

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Treasure Cove Play Centre were delighted to partner with Cindy from Cindy D Illustrations for the artwork for the new play centre in Woking, Surrey. Cindy was amazing in her insight in providing advice on characters, their styling and portrayal and provided a wonderful flowing theme of energy and creativity through all the different play zones.


Cindy’s drawing are beautiful, fresh and easy on the eye. The characters exude warmth and friendliness to which adults and children both warmed to. Cindy’s styling and beautiful artwork added a wonderful dynamic to all marketing communications and we are very privileged and excited to have Cindy part of our marketing and artwork team. The partnership with Cindy and her artwork is a key success element of Treasure Cove and we look forward to working together as the business continues to grow.

Yvonne Frew - Managing Director of Treasure Cove Play Centre

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Cindy took an idea templet and researched what a nudibranch is, to understand what we need still keeping in mind that we do vinyl branding. And we received the prefect NubiScuba logo and will definitely be using her very professional service again to create the rest of our logo's. Thank you for designing the heart of our business.

Wendy Small - Director of Imagineer

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The very first time we asked Cindy to create a master piece for us, was of our four-legged baby.

Helen was so chuffed with the master piece of her “Treat Seeking Missile – Bella”

Losing a loved one is never easy, my lovely wife and mother to our two boys lost her battle against

cancer in 2020.

We decided that we would like to say thank you to all the family and friends that supported us during the

4-year long battle, in the form of a “Thank You” card. Now that the idea was in my mind the next step

was, who do I ask, to do this for me. Well, it did not take long to get the answer, who else than “Cindy D”

will it be. The first batch of cards was not to Cindy’s standard and she had the cards reprinted at her

own cost. Even with short delay the final approved cards arrived on time as promised, packaged to a

high standard.

After a while I decided I wanted a photo of Helen and her favourite bible verse printed on canvas.

Needless to say, Cindy was commissioned with this and the result was absolutely “Amazing”. Thank you,

Cindy, for creating this lifelong memorial for me.

The latest addition is a set of water-based paintings of Butterflies printed on canvas. Butterflies was

Helen’s favourite insect.

I cannot say thank you enough to Cindy for the good quality work and reasonable prices I received for all

the projects.

Tienie Dreyer

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Hello! So, my friend opened her gift. She burst out in tears. She absolutely loves it.

Thank you for your effort. I'm happy, and she's over the moon.

Lizaan O'Reilly